The Influence of electronic music is present in hip-hop culture, since the early 1980’s. The Soul Sonic force were the forerunners of this dynamic by the realization of their first album around 1982-1983. Many other groups had demonstrated their affinities in electro rap during the 80’s: World Class Wrekcked Cru, Blondie, Arabian Prince, The Fat boyz, The Furious Five, Mantronix and many others. More than ever, the commercial rap era of the 2000’s and 2010’s had been decisional in the mainstream success of electro hip-hop and pop artist like : Flo Rida, Pittbull, LMFAO, Tinie Tempah, Stromaie, Dizzy Rascalz, Iggy Azealea, Azealea Banks, K-Maro, Imposs, Randy Raymond, Grimes, MHD, Max2B ect. On this current website www.edmhiphop2020.com we will not only report in a journalistic and an analytical way what’s going on the E.D.M and contemporary electro hip-hop scene. We will also take the time to explain the outcome of the commercial success of different artist of this gender. Therefore, you will find much information about their philanthropic, corporate and artistic development. A development marked by reverence!!

The artistic outwork of many influent pop-rap electronic artists is amazing!  They did so much, since the beginning of the 21rst century. They were the ones who paralysed the media in a frenetic way that can’t be stop. Actually, pop-rap and electronic trap who derived from E.D.M is heard in every dance club all around the world. There’s not a contemporary D.J that does not play E.D.M, commercial hip-hop and electro rap in their mix.  The exact term that will be use on this website to describe this phenomenon is EDM HIP-HOP. This term will have an imprint by the end of this current decade and for sure in the beginning of the 2020s. The ultimate objective of this present website is to explain the administrative, intellectual and corporate mentality that hide itself, behind the commercial success of pop-electro rappers and hip-hopers of the 21rst century! This explosive cocktail between contemporary dance music and commercial hip-hop is incredible! Stay in tune, for more informational explosion on www.edmhiphop2020.com  !

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