A book on d.j Marshmello!

His shirt is white, his pants are white, hisshoes are white and his face is also, ALL WHITE (wait, whaaa???) even his face?– Yes, even his fucking face is white. Have you heard about the new rising EDMDJ, Marshmello? Oh of course you have. I mean, he has a face that we can’tseriously forget, right? This guy is a life-sized giant Marshmallow man. Imean, who can this person be under that mask? How do you even breathe in thatbin head and how do you even see the keys you press when making live music? Heeven has this smile on his face that is as wide as the London eye. Now if thisartist rose up the curiosity in you – don’t worry, many of us have.

And if youlike him, buy this trivia RIGHT NOW, because I have here the answer to unlockthe ancient mystery about who the hell Marshmello is – who is the man behindthat big marshmallow mask? Why did he even choose the name Marshmello, does hewanted to impart the words “mash” in Marsh and “mello” in Mallow? So if that isnot enough for you, just get this trivia and you’ll know more. Oh and tell yourfriends too! Aside from his iconic songs, his iconic persona and figure willsurely haunt us for life (as a positive and good way though…). So there youhave it –out from the bag of mallows this one crawled out and helped made EDMbecome the next big thing in life! For more info, you should order the book by Bern Bolo titled :  
Marshmello: Flying High to Success, Weird and Interesting Facts on The Hidden DJ Identity, “Chris Comstock”?!

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